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It’s time to stop fearing the future of your boiler!

By Ian 2 years ago

 Worcester Bosch boilers are now hydrogen ready


As we become more and more aware of climate change and the heating of the planet, the UK is working towards a healthier, greener way of heating homes and a step closer to reaching the net zero goal set out by the UK government.


Here at Limegreen, we wanted to reassure our customers that it’s still safe to upgrade your boiler to an Award-Winning Worcester Bosch. Replacing natural gas boilers with hydrogen is the simplest solution to your heating needs, as we move towards a greener future and comply with the UK’s Hydrogen Strategy and the Welsh Development Quality Requirements.

 Hydrogen-fired boiler

Worcester Bosch Hydrogen-fired boiler

Even if you purchase your boiler between now and 2030 when the law comes into effect in Wales, Worcester Bosch have redesigned their models to be hydrogen ready, meaning you can still hold onto your boiler without the fear of it being deemed ‘banned’ by the UK or Welsh government.


The benefits of Hydrogen-fired boilers


Unlike natural gas that is emitted from a gas boiler, hydrogen does not produce carbon emissions when burnt, The only by-product of burning hydrogen gas is water, making it safer and healthier for the planet.


Hydrogen boilers will operate the same way as a gas boiler and heat your home as your gas boiler once did, and at no extra cost to you, if anything, it may be a little cheaper!

To help our customers decide which boiler is most suitable for their home, we have created an online boiler quote tool. By providing details about your home the online boiler quote tool will produce results detailing the best boilers for you. It considers amongst other things, the size of your home, the number of bathrooms and your current heating systems. ( Get a quote now )

So join us at Limegreen in making your home a little lighter on the planet as we welcome the new Worcester Bosch hydrogen-fired boilers.


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