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Smart thermostats could save you up to 30% on your energy bills!

By Rhys Gale 8 years ago

Smart thermostats could save you up to 30

Smart thermostats let you easily monitor and control your heating from anywhere via computer, tablet or smart phone.  Smart thermostats could save you up to 30

Some are smarter than others too with the ability to learn your heating habits, switch on your heating ready for when you arrive home via geo-location and even utilize cost-saving techniques such as turning off your heating when the device senses no-one is at home.

Smart thermostats give you so much more control over your heating system and allow you to understand the cost and implications of your heating habits an change them accordingly to save money.  A smart thermostat such a The Tado, Wave or Nest device could save a family with 3 children up to £240 per year on heating bills due to increased efficiency.

What are the benefits of a smart thermostat over traditional thermostat?

  • Make savings on your heating bills – in fact it could pay for itself within 12 months!
  • For the first time you can see how much heating you are using in your home.
  • It`s so easy to adjust the heating, when you are in or out of your home.
  • You will never pay for heating your home when you are not there again.
  • You can ensure your home is nice and warm when you arrive

Limegreen is a SmartInstaller approved company. Be smart and give us a call today.

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