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Could You Claim A Free Boiler?

By Rhys Gale 8 years ago

Could You Claim A Free Boiler?

Could You Claim A Free Boiler from your energy company?

Thanks to the UK governments ECO scheme, home owners and private tenants that meet a certain criteria can now claim free grant funding to replace their old, in-efficient boilers. This program started in April, 2015 and it is still ON until 31st of March, 2017. Could You Claim A Free Boiler

Call us today to find out if you qualify on 029 2066 6622.

We as a qualified and certified installer can assist you on this process.

The UK Government` ECO Scheme targets aging boilers; especially the ones that are not operating efficiently. We can assist you replacing inefficient non condensing boilers or condensing boilers under 86% efficiency with modern energy saving condensing models.

Boilers between SEDBUK rating of C and G waste the most fuel and are the number one candidates for the ECO scheme. If you have one of these contact us to provide you more information of the ECO Scheme. Could You Claim A Free Boiler

This is a free, no obligation service from our company.

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