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How to choose the right STOVAX wood burning or multi fuel stove

By Rhys Gale 8 years ago

How to choose the right STOVAX wood burning or multi fuel stove

1. The Style or aesthetics you desire, simple select Traditional, Contemporary or Modern Traditional on the Product finder.

2. Heat output appropriate for the room/space you want to heat
To achieve a relaxing room temperature of around 21ºC when the external air temperature is at freezing (0ºC) you will need approximately 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic meters of space.
Measure the length, width and height of your room and multiply the three figures together. For example, a room measuring 7m long by 4m wide and with a height of 2.5m is 70 cu. m. of space. Divide by the sum by 14 and this means you will require a 5kW stove. However, factors such as the number of outside walls, the size of windows and whether they are double glazed, the age of the home etc, can all influence the heat requirement. We would always recommend you consult with LimeGreen for expert advice before making your decision. How to choose the right STOVAX wood burning or multi fuel stove

3. Fuel type – wood burning only or multi-fuel

Logs burns best on a flat bed of ash, with air for combustion coming from above. Coal and smokeless fuels burn best on a grate, with air entering from beneath the fire and cinders dropping into an ashpan below. Wood burning models, therefore, have flat fuel beds whilst multi-fuel models incorporate grates, but the latter are also designed to allow you to develop a bed of ash upon which to burn logs should you wish.

4. Do you wish the stove to heat water as well as the room?

5. Are cleanburn, airwash and efficiency important to you?

6. Do you wish to burn wood on a Smoke Control Area?

If you live in a town or city, the chances are that you live in a Smoke Control Area.
To meet the smoke emission standards for these areas, you will need to burn smokeless fuels only on a multi-fuel stove or fire, or you can burn logs on a wood burning or multi-fuel stove or fire that has been approved by DEFRA as sufficiently cleanburning to be exempt from the regulations. Numerous models in the Stovax range are approved to burn logs in Smoke Control Areas and these are detailed on the product pages of this website. To check whether you live in a Smoke Control Area visit www.uksmokecontrolareas.co.uk.

Get further information and details of Stovax products suitable for use in Smoke Control areas.

The answers to these questions will narrow down your selection and help guide you to the ideal stove for you. Please use the Product Finder on the STOVAX website to help you with this refining process.

How to choose the right STOVAX wood burning or multi fuel stove

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