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Solar Thermal – Heat your water for free

Greenskies Solar Lifestyle
By Stuart Lamacraft 8 years ago

Solar Thermal – Heat your water for free

IMG_9773- solar thermalThe Story

Despite the leaden skies and the impending storm, we were not discouraged. The Limegreen solar installation team had a job to do and despite the un-solar friendly weather, we were determined to get it done. Our mission was to install the versatile Greenskies Solar Lifestyle atop a home in Penarth, South Wales. We are big fans of this reliable system, which has been created by the highly renowned Worcester Bosch.

Quick and easy installation

The Greenskies Solar Lifestyle is an excellent system that permits the creation of hot water in domestic buildings. The panels can be installed to suit the building and complement the surrounding landscape, where they can be positioned in-roof, on-roof, flat roof or as a façade, as well as landscape or portrait. The Greenskies Solar Lifestyle has been designed to complement existing home heating systems and includes Installer Choice Design (ICD), which permits quick installation.

Solar Thermal 

Cloud resistant and efficient

The Greenskies Solar Lifestyle has been created to capture the maximum levels of heat, even when it is cloudy. And when you consider how often we receive overcast weather in Britain, many customers find this incredibly reassuring. The Lifestyle system is particularly efficient due to its high-performance output. Also, a typical solar hot water system will provide 50-70% of the hot water requirement for a typical domestic home.

18267Ease of use and peace of mind

The benefits of installing solar panels to your home are well documented, e.g. Self-sufficiency, reduced heating costs, etc. However, with the drop in fuel prices and the current governments reduced support for solar, consumers need greater assurance that solar is still a worthwhile investment. As is expected from the leading Worcester Bosch, the Greenskies Solar Lifestyle is made to the highest standards, with the MCS Solar Keymark, the industry leading Low a1 heat loss and a reassuring 10-year guarantee. The system comes complete with Pumping station & controls which are easy to use, so you can quickly take control of your  hot water creation.