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February is the worst month for boiler problems

By Rhys Gale 7 years ago

February is the worst month for boiler breakdowns

The days are getting longer and the traditional deep chill that sweeps the country seems to be lifting. That doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing from here through to Spring. February is the month that we experience more boiler call outs than any other month of the year.

Figures reported by insurer Direct Line for Business state that boiler repair claims during February are 163% higher than the monthly average, with last winter showing a 27% increase in broken down boiler claims compared to the previous year.

Despite having a moderately warm winter our boilers have been under a large amount of stress over the winter period. While we all hunker down and cwtch up in our living rooms and blast the heating first thing in the morning to help the transition from your warm bed to the kitchen, it is easy to get complacent with our boilers. So if you have been lucky enough to have a problem free season so far, it is not uncommon for small problems to start appearing in your heating systems now.

Boiler breakdowns can happen at any time and it is not always the cold weather that causes these problems. Taking the proper precautions can prevent these problems from surfacing and regular maintenance will ensure that your boiler runs smoothly,  so you don’t get caught out with a chilly house next winter.

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